About Me

Hi, I'm Viviane (Vee-Vee-AH-nee), and I'm a commercial photographer based in Toronto, Canada and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  

I graduated with honors from Melbourne's RMIT Australia in 2005 (Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Photography - Photojournalism).

Since graduating I've been an active photographer for the Lonely Planet Images and my travel folio is also represented by Getty Images. I am a contributor for Airbnb, photographing exclusive properties worldwide. I've been published in several international media, magazines and travel guides such as the BBC London, the BBC Travel, the Lonely Planet Travel Guides and The New York Times, to name a few.

I work closely with architects, property developers, interior designers, real estate businesses, magazines (editorial), book publishers, web designers and families. 

Photojournalism, documentaries and special publishing projects are also a joy to produce images for. 

I am versatile and my imagery is a result of my journeys worldwide and expertise thus far.

Enjoy my folio!


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